Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cold hands and a happy heart

Yep, they are very cold! It makes typing very difficult ;)

I put three new pieces up in my shop just a second ago. I love all three....

This last one was already snatched up, but I wanted to include it here because it is a design that I am particularly fond of. I have a treasure trove of stones so if any of you like this particular design, I can make a similar necklace with a cabochon of your choice. Just make a comment on this blogpost or send me an email.

Okay so I have had a fabulous couple of days in my shop because I am doing what I absolutely love the most.....letting my imagination and hands run free over silver and stone. The only way I can explain it is with one word really.....freedom. No restraint, just pure imaginative fun. I have been so knee-deep in necessary business related work that I have had too little of 'this time' over the last couple of weeks. I feel refreshed now :)

I should get some of these pieces up in my shop during this week, but for now I must jump off because I hear the stirrings of a little one........naptime has ended!



lotta said...

Your work is just stunning. I can relate to the wonderful feeling of just letting go in the studio - it's not always like that so hold on to it while it lasts.

Splendid Willow said...

Hello super creative and talented Ms. Alysia! I love your giveaway necklace a ton (I mean what is not to love!). But there is another one of yours that has my name on it. And I am going to snatch it up right now! (: And I just did! No. 2!! Monika


charlottaward said...

Love them! Very very nice (as always).
Am going to follow Monika and allow myself some self indulgent purchases in the next week or so.. It is too hard to resist!

Have posted you on my Facebook - hopefully will drive some new customers to you.