Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy day...

Today was a nice but busy, busy day. I started out with working on some custom orders in the morning and then took off to a rock show in Denver to buy some stones. I completely forgot that I had this on my calendar. I try to get to these rock shows when possible because I prefer to buy my stones directly from the people who cut them, which is called lapidary work. It makes a difference for me to actually be able to hold and touch the cabs instead of choosing from pictures.

I didn't get much today, but here they are:

I bought a number of new stones today that I have yet to work with. The four bruneau jasper cabs on the left look very similar to imperial jasper except for the coloring. They have such be-autiful markings! I am also ultra excited to have purchased a couple of sonoran sunrise stones and an azurite/malachite. I splurged on the sonoran sunrise cabochons....but I still got them for a good deal.

After this I worked more in my workshop and then headed to The Curious Cup for a ladies night out function for women owned businesses. The owner of this coffee shop is always setting up all kinds of great functions to help people who are building their businesses, which of course gets people into her place. Pretty dang smart.

Okay that's it for now....over and out.

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