Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Almost on vacation...

I forgot to mention that I am heading down to NM to visit my familia this weekend and also to attend my grandpa's 90th birthday. We're going to take off after dinner tomorrow....this way my bambinos can sleep most of the trip. We'll get there in the middle of the night and just fall right into bed. We will come back on Sunday so its going to be a short trip, but we wanted to visit....I haven't been there since April. I most especially want to see my little nephew. He is my little sister's first baby so he is extra special ;) The last time I saw him was when he was born!

I decided not to close my shop for this weekend because I will be gone for such a short time. Any orders that come in will ship out first thing Monday morning....I'll put that announcement up in my shop as well.

I plan on posting new pieces throughout the weekend too. A few a are three that I posted today:

Those middle earrings are named for my other they are extra special.

See you tomorrow :)

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