Friday, September 25, 2009

Last minute preparations

Well, tomorrow is the fair and I am putting the last minute touches on everything. I made a bunch of new earrings this week and I am putting them on the earring cards as well as placing prices on them. I also made a couple more necklaces and rings.

So I will be packing up my lovelies tomorrow morning....early, with coffee in hand to meet and greet the locals. I am also going to take a sampling of stones with me. I had several custom orders from the last fair, so this way I can provide an assortment of me rocks (yes I said me!) for those interested in ordering something other than what is on the table. And that goes for any of you interested in a custom order....if you like any of the stones that I show on this blog or you have a stone and/or color in mind, please drop a line email, blogpost, convo and we'll go from there ;)

So moving right along....I was perusing one of my favorite blogs,
a cup of jo, and found this:

How adorable are these Harvey Faircloth clothes? I also love the has such a great 50's yet modern vibe. I wouldn't mind having all of those outfits in my closet. Especially the top one.

Okay, I'll see you later this weekend. I'll shoot for tomorrow, but who knows how I'll feel after a long day selling my wares ;)


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lotta said...

Best of luck at the fair!