Monday, August 22, 2011

wringing out the summer

His soccer season started today.

I captured these images this afternoon.
I sat in the shade of a nearby tree, enjoying a nice cool breeze, as a respite for the still 90 degree weather we are getting.
Summer still has a stronghold on us.


This weekend, I could not carve out one bit of time to post on here. Actually, I didn't even take a single picture Saturday or Sunday. My aunt and her husband came for a visit and with that, plus a list of things needing to get done, the weekend just completely slipped by.

I tell you, I am just wringing out every bit of fun from these Colorado summer weekends.
This past weekend was, yet, another busy, wonderful one.

I think I'll be ready when the frost sets in and we retreat into our cave for a bit of hibernation.
At that point, I think we'll need it :)

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