Tuesday, August 23, 2011

visual stimulation


Tables are done.
Lighting is done.

Tools are migrating in.

Very soon I will be decorating.
And by soon, I mean, hopefully tonight!

I'll be bringing in plants, photos, artwork......bits and pieces that catch my eye and give me that surgence of creativity.
You see, I am deeply affected by my surroundings. I have always been this way.
I am always very conscious of how a room makes me feel. My emotions are often the consequence of visual stimulation.

I have been guiding them this whole time. Directing the placement of things. Everything.
Because Norbert understands me.
He understands and nourishes that integral part of me. The part that receives great pleasure, contentment and happiness from my surroundings.

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Jeanie said...

The new room & set up is looking fabulous! Well done. PS Have admired your pieces from a far, they are awesome. Love your style!

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Jeanie!

I am beyond ecstatic for my new space :)

bronte said...


You write so well with feeling and passion about your work, your family and your surroundings. Reading your blog almost feels like you are writing to an individual person rather than to obscure and unkonwn people in cyberspace. Your new work place looks professional and sleek.