Thursday, August 11, 2011


Quick snapshot from my back deck.

I had just finished dinner when the boys jumped out on the grass and into the sprinklers as soon as they came on. I so enjoy watching them play. I am constantly laughing at their little made up games and antics, quirks and idiosyncracies. They are in such a fun stage in their lives.

I have had this overwhelming feeling, lately, of wanting to press pause.....I am so enjoying this time in our lives right now.

I hope so, so much that they will love me, always, as much as they do now.
That is my greatest wish.


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home is where the ♥ is said...

Beautiful, beautiful post. Somedays I want to press pause too. I'm sure they will love us just as much forever. Alison x

madison house designs said...

Beautiful! I love the perspective – both literally and figuratively.

blue hour designs said...

Alison - Thank you! I cling to that thought....truly :)

madison house designs - Thank you, thank you!! Amazing how intense love is for one's child....