Thursday, August 18, 2011

the act of creating - both construction and culinary

The building has begun:


Norbert and my dad are using the tables from the old studio and adding many more. The legs were ripped out of the old ones in order to elevate all of the worktables to counter height. This will be much better on our backs.

Also, the wood used to brace and strengthen many of the tables are the old slats that we ripped from our main floor when we remodeled our front room. We had been hoarding those away this whole time with the intention of reusing them for this project. 

My job, today, was to feed those hardworking men.
Besides, of course, my normal momma duties.

So I decided on crème brûlée for dessert....

sporting one of my mother's creations

...and a Lemon-Squash Ravioli dish with a side spinach salad.
A sangiovese rounded off the main meal.

I hit a snag, though.....I did not have a kitchen torch to carmelize the top.
So it was kind of a crème without the brûlée (it was my first time!)

Tomorrow it's my Mom's turn!


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