Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Ride to Breakfast...

But, before we begin, I need to give a brief explanation: I was gone for the weekend.
This is why I did not post the past few days. And when I say gone, I mean I was on a plane, gone.
I'll tell you all about it tomorrow because it was so, so much fun. And of course..........I took pictures. But, that's tomorrow!

For now, we'll move on to this ride:

This is what I see when I drive from my house into the heart of Boulder.

It is amazing to have such distinctly different landscapes within minutes of eachother. I am nearly 20 minutes from downtown Denver, 15 minutes from the urban population of Boulder, yet we're surrounded by farmland.
This is what I love about where I live. I get to enjoy BOTH

It is such a nice and refreshing balance of two ways of life. This serves the gemini in me.

It was a family breakfast date here.
A favorite of ours.

See you tomorrow!

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