Monday, November 15, 2010


I made this tart for my little one's birthday yesterday.
It's an apricot & pear tart recipe that I found in Real Simple.
It is delicious!

Look's a bit similar, huh?

We had a great day spent with Nana and Papa who have come to stay for a few weeks.
We first headed to a coffee shop for bagels and coffee and chocolate milk for the little ones.
After a quick stop in a thrift shop we headed to local children's museum for several hours.

The second half of the day was mainly spent cooking, baking and eating.
The process is always as much, if not more fun, as sitting down to actually eat.

We usually have music going, a drink poured, and in this case a glass of beer, for everyone over 5 feet.
 (my mom's not much taller than this ;)

 That stack of tortillas, by the way, was made by my mom. She makes the BEST tortillas...hands down!
She made a fresh dozen about 3 to 4 times a week when I was growing up.
Even now, she makes them every week because of all of her children and grandchildren who completely devour them.

After the festivities we topped off the day with a pajama party.

I can't believe my youngest is 3.
It goes by SO incredibly fast.....
yet when they are yelling at the top of their lungs and destroying things I often think to myself,
"exactly when does this phase end??" ;)

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Monica said...

awww..Happy 3rd Birthday! Our two little ones seem to be just about the same ages.

That tart looks delicious and so do those tortillas!

blue hour designs said...

Thanks Monica!
We've eaten so much good food in the last few days....I need to add in some extra runs ;)

Charlotta Ward said...

Aaaaawww! That is so cute! Just look at that little man watching you light the candles! I feel teary!

My 'baby' turns 5 next week! Also unbelievable. It was only yesterday she nestled in my arms, staring at me wordlessly with her big eyes. Now she is a cheeky, charming and beautiful young lady who is all but wordless..! :)

Big hugs to you both and hope the day was as special as it looks in these pictures.

xx Charlotta

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Charlotta! I passes so quickly. I'm just hoping that I can get in as much snuggling with them as possible while they love it! I know at some point they'll think they're too cool ;)