Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Business & that order!

Good Morning!

First order of business this cold morning is to alert you of our next giveaway lined up over at Bloesem.
You can enter here.

Tis' the season of holiday giveaways and specials so hop on over to Bloesem and enter to win a chance at a $100 gift certificate for use in our shop!
There are more goodies up our sleeves for the holidays so keep your peepers on this page for all updates :)

My next bit of news is to lay out our holiday shipping schedule:

For U.S. Christmas delivery - orders should be placed by Friday, December 17th.
For International Christmas delivery - orders should be placed by Wednesday December 1st.

If you place your order before these dates you should be on the safe side for on-time Christmas delivery.

And lastly, I had to share with you a jolt of inspiration for your Wednesday morning.

 GORGEOUS, right??
Man alive would I love one of each. Really, really!
Especially that coat!

I also love that they are a small business run by a husband and wife team.
(can SO relate)

The model above is the designer, Emerson, of the sweet line, EmersonMade.
I found her via Bliss.
Go take a look at the rest of her line. I love the streamlined and tailored look of her clothing.

Okay, time to head to the studio!
Norbert and I have been working together every morning while the little ones hang out with Nana and Papa.
It's been really nice having company in the workshop :)

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Charlotta Ward said...

Hello! It's been ages.. I am sorry for being such a slack blog friend. I think about you so often and wonder how you are. Am glad to hear you are busy and that you are enjoying company whilst you work. xx

EmersonMade is wonderful - as is the couple behind the label. Their playfulness and cheeky attitudes are contageous and I love their oversized flowers (for men and women!!).

Big hugs to you from Sydney!

xx Charlotta

blue hour designs said...

Hello Charlotta!!
So happy to 'see' you!
I have been the same is a busy time of year for everyone. I try to make time to visit my favorite blogs, but sometimes its not as often as I would like :)

I have really fell in love with EmersonMade's designs. They are right up my alley :)