Monday, November 1, 2010


I took these photos a week or two ago when the fall colors erupted into shades of bright reds and yellows. 

This is a welcome change from last year when we had a snowstorm move in at the first of October. It stunted the fall season, ushering in winter far too early for my taste. This year however, I am enjoying a true fall season with warm, color-filled days, and cold, brisk nights.

This year, I also had my parents bring me a pair of ristras to hang on my front porch. Back in Albuquerque we always had ristras hanging at the front of our home. It's tradition and a welcome reminder of the commencement of fall. As soon as you smell the green chile wafting in the air from the multitude of roasters (and when I say multitude, I mean multitude! There are literally hundreds of them throughout the city) you know it's September.

My parents generally buy a couple of sacks (garbage bag size) of freshly roasted green chile in the fall and then we peel and package it into quart sized baggies for the freezer. This amount will be enough for all of our families; the Melnikovs, my parents and my sister's family, for the year. You have to understand: chile is at the core of New Mexican food. We are practically weaned on it!

I hadn't had ristras since we left NM over two years's a good reminder of home. I love looking out my front windows and seeing them there. Tradition is important. No matter where we end up in the world I hope to have some ristras with me :)

Time for breakfast, then work. I am a bit slow moving this morning....must've been the weekend festivities ;)

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