Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Call for Pictures

We are having a suh-weet holiday giveaway for all of my wonderful customers!!
(I'm thinking of making it an annual thing :)

So the giveaway entails YOU sending us a picture of yourself wearing a piece of jewelry you have purchased from us. We will randomly choose several people from that pool for $50 gift certificates. This giveaway is only for those who submit pictures!! I want very much to see you wearing my pieces. You all get to see me plenty, but I very much want to see you as well. This is fair, yes??! So what better way to entice you than to waive some freebies over your head. ;)

Okay, details:
- The pictures can roll in up until November 30th
- In the beginning of December we will announce the winners here, our newsletter and also our facebook page.
- You can crop part of your face if that makes you feel comfortable!
- It's important to note that your picture may get published here and in our newsletter so PLEASE make sure that this is okay!
- Sending me more than one image does not up your chances, but send me as many as you want! I would love to see whatever I get sent my way. Really :)

Sound good?

p.s. I created the necklace above last year and it resides in Australia with one of my sweetest customers. It happens to be one of my favorites....I have been unable to find a lavender/purple imperial jasper like it...

p.p.s. I forgot to leave my email!! Send the pictures to


Monica said...

What a fun idea....looking forward to seeing the winners!

blue hour designs said...

A wee bit selfish ;)

I have LOVED looking through pictures already.