Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a quick snapshot of now

I spent some time yesterday cutting all of my flowers outside and bringing them in...

It has been so incredibly warm around here that I had many still blooming.

So, there are many, many vases and jars around the house maxed out with these beauties.

I brought them all in, in preparation for this!

It is still snowing and gorgeous out. I took all of these pictures within the last half hour.
Two days ago it was 80 degrees :)

Norbert and I are working today, but in honor of the first snowfall of the season we headed over to my parents for cups of coffee by the fire and freshly made pancakes and bacon early this morning.....with the boys of course.
 They were ecstatic for the snow!

Now, time for more soldering downstairs.

It will be a busy day :)

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Dya. said...

Gorgeous flowers! I can't believe how quickly the temperature switched there. Crazy! The snow is absolutely beautiful (in pictures haha)

Have fun :]

blue hour designs said...

Dya - I know, crazy!! Even crazier, is that the temps are going to bounce back up starting'll be a warm Halloween :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi darling - it feels like forever since we last caught up.
I love the pictures and I smiled at the sight of the snow. How wonderful!

We have moved to Sweden (from Sydney) and are living the first full season of Autumn since I don't know when. It's been 23 years since I moved from Sweden and I am literally skipping in delight to be a permanent resident again. So lovely!!!

Big hugs to you and happy Winter!

xx Charlotta