Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a morning bike ride.

This is one of my favorite routes.
I ride it often.

I took these pictures at the end of the summer....not that long ago.

Is it just me or are you just as excited for the coming season?
Everything is changing colors here...yellows, reds and multiple hues of orange.
The air is fresh, the sun is out and my pumpkins and mums are warming themselves on my front porch.

The only thing I am beginning to mourn is our near-daily evening bike rides.
They have transitioned to a mid-day bike sprint in the sun....the dark is coming so early now.

Time to go downstairs and finish those multiple unfinished projects that have been calling my name.
The boys just left to the zoo so I am going to relish some much needed alone time in the studio today!

And how about a little cosmic love to start off this Wednesday??


Okay, who are we kidding?
I'll take this in one huge dose....time to blast it the studio.

And yep.
I'm going to shake it, too :)

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littlecherryhill said...

Oh I LOVE that song! Looks like you enjoyed a nice Summer.

blue hour designs said...

I sure did! Now ready to enjoy fall....