Saturday, October 8, 2011

the cave

Sheesh, time is flying by fast.
I tend to write in this blog in the evening because it is the only free time I really have.
I'll need to re-think the evening posting since this has been the case. I always get a little bummed when my blog starts to hear crickets. Time to change that.
The 'August Break' was great motivation for frequent posting...I should try and find another photography group to help get my butt in gear. 

I have, however, been taking lots and lots of pictures.
My camera is with me constantly....

So, one of the big things that is happening this month, that I am delayed in sharing with you, is that we are having a special in our shops.
Every order over $100 gets a free pair of these:

The special applies in both our shop and the Etsy shop and lasts until October 31st!


Well, the other piece of news is that I was going to have a shop update this past week.
Emphasis on was.

But, then this happened:

My little 3 year old monkey broke his arm on Tuesday :(
The fracture was misaligned, which required an overnight stay in the hospital for surgery the following morning.
I have been primarily his nurse ever since with little bits of work here and there, so that is my other excuse for being so quiet here. He is soaking up most of our attention right now.

The good news is that he is feeling better and better and hopefully by next week he'll be running around like almost normal.
Or so, the doctor says...!

Which means that the shop update will be next week instead.
And you'll find out here first!

Oh! And on a humorous side note:
We were working on puzzles with my injured monkey yesterday when I began humming and singing to the music playing. In his sad little voice he says, "Mommy, please don't's making my bone hurt"!
So I stopped.


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Lizzi said...

That's so cute "It makes my bone hurt". He knows how to make it stop lol.
I think everyone needs blog breaks without excuses once in awhile...and then when you get back at it it's fresh and new and wonderful :-)

blue hour designs said...

I think you're right Lizzi :)