Friday, October 21, 2011

new work

Here we go :)

Love, love, love this design! You'll see it popping out more.....keep scrolling down :)

14k solid Gold Simple Classic Circle necklace

Squares - bitty style

Nest earrings

Swirls and Flourish
Bringing this one back!

Embellishing this one now....and I think it looks much better.

Leaf earrings - now in 14k gold!

Egyptian cuff - wider version

I promised I'd make more turquoise rings this time and I most definitely did. Six to be exact!

Shop update will start first thing Monday morning!!

Okay, I need to go get my weekend on....Norbert and I have a date!

Happy Friday :)

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Cathi said...

Gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend!

blue hour designs said...

Thank you so much Cathi!!

Julie said...

stunning! your work is simply amazing!!!

blue hour designs said...

Thank you, Julie!!