Friday, October 28, 2011

Before...part 1

Before the storm that is....we took a day's jaunt along the peak to peak highway.

To catch sight of these beauties.

I am incredibly drawn to dilapidated, old remains of buildings.
The rocky mountains are full of them....long forgotten ruins of old homesteads or corrals from the pioneer days.
My eye is always drawn to this sight. I'm not sure why....I've always been entranced by them.
There are also a great many scattered in New Mexico.

And then we hit Estes Park for a sweet surprise...
I'll share some photos of that later this weekend.

Tomorrow is all about pumpkin carving!
See you soon....

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genie marie said...

Thank you SO much for posting these goregous pictures. I had every intention of moving to the Boulder area before fsll but am stuck in Seattle with the never-ending-divorce saga. I was SO bummed about missing fall and thenyou posted these pics!! My heart thanks you!

blue hour designs said...

You are SO welcome!
Thank YOU, for your sweet comment :)