Thursday, May 26, 2011


I saw U2 on Saturday and it was - incredible. Really.
Their stage presence and pure magneticism, surprisingly just leaps out at you, even from the stage.
At least that's how I felt, as soon as they walked out.

I have such respect for this band, beyond the fact that I have loved their music for a long time. 
They are humanitarians.
They have used their position to highlight and aid human rights nearly since the beginning of their music careers. They heavily involved Amnesty International on this tour and flashed their emblem throughout the concert.

One of the most poignant moments of the concert was when they played this song:

You can read more about its meaning here.

They flashed the words -

During this I thought of the song, Crumbs From Your Table, where Bono sings:
 Where you live should not decide, whether you live or whether you die.

How utterly true and profound is that??


Kathleen said...

looks like it was an amazing time! so lucky.

blue hour designs said...

Best concert ever!