Monday, May 23, 2011

the map

I happen to love maps...and this particular one is a map of all the countries where we have sold our jewelry.

This application is created by interactive maps.
You can also have your visited countries map on your site.

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Norbert found this and plotted all of our locations, which comes up to 32 countries around the world.

When we first started our business we had no idea how global this would become.
You guys already know how much we love to travel so it is always exciting to see orders coming in from different countries, especially ones where we have visited or want to visit!

Now, all I need is a huge map of the world that would take up an entire wall in my house (just like our good friend Indrek's) where I can add pins to mark the spots where I have been....the goal on my bucket list is to visit every continent. And I have a LOT of countries on that list as well :)

p.s. Each week we have a sale item on both our website and Etsy and this week it is our Honeycomb earrings.

You can find them for sale in both locations.

Have a great's the last week of school!

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