Monday, May 9, 2011

Studio Scenes

I want to show more glimpses of my studio time, here in this space.
I feel like it appeals to people, especially those of you who enjoy buying handmade, to see how my pieces evolve and take shape. Often when I head into my studio I get into my 'making' mode and just get to work so I tend to forget about my desire to share more images. I'm trying to rectify this :)

I shot just a few pictures, in process, while soldering.
One day I should follow up on the promise I made, eons ago, to upload a process-type video of me creating a piece from start to finish.

I haven't forgotten this, and I swear it will happen one day!

The end finish:


And here is the vibe in my shop today, while wielding this flame of mine...

Please stop by tomorrow.
I have something else to share....


Petra said...

Can't wait.... :-)
Love the pictures, love the inspiration you're giving me. Big big thanks!

blue hour designs said...

Awww...thank you so much Petra for following my journey!


ana said...

I love your pieces, they're lovely.