Monday, July 26, 2010

Golden Days....

Life has definitely been moving at a fast pace.
We have really, really been enjoying vanaema's (Estonian grandma) visit and we are trying to show her as much of our area as possible.

This past weekend we headed to Golden for their Buffalo Bill Days parade and fair.
We were treated to dancing ponies, mariachis, a shoot-out, Native American dancing and the coolest gun-swinging chick I've ever seen! ;) She threw around a couple of 2 1/2 pound guns like they were feathers. There was som whip action too.......

She is still with us for another 8 days and we are also expecting some of my family this weekend for my oldest monkey's 5th birthday. We are going to be busting at the seams in our house.....but I'm anxious for the chaos to get here :)

I've actually been working a lot more than usual this past month and I will be so relieved to finally get a shop update up this week. It has been a loooooong time.
My goal is to start this Wednesday and finish on Thursday.

So, Norbert and I also decided to start a weekly sale where we will have one piece of jewelry at a reduced price in our shops for one week.
This week the 'What Sarah Said' earrings are on sale.
You can find it on our website and Etsy shops.

In the future, I will announce here and on the Facebook page which design it will be.
Okay, off to give two dirty monkeys a bath.......
(we just can't seem to get our little boys to bed earlier than 9:30 this summer! We're too busy enjoying the long warm days :)


CrowNology said...

Sounds wonderful! Grandparents rule!! Gun juggling chicks too!
Love those earrings and a great idea...
Happy Summer!

Dallas Shaw said...

you have great work- just checked it out

blue hour designs said...

Andrea -
Happy Summer to you too!! Although I'm feeling its leaving in the air....

Dallas -
Thank you very much!