Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Extras and update

These are some of my older designs that I brought back into my Etsy shop as well as our website.

There were quite a few actually.....

Even more than I have here. I have had lots of requests for some of my older designs and I finally got around to making more. I am trying to keep these in stock. I pride myself on getting packages sent out as quickly as possible and having these made helps with that a ton.

These two rings are in my online shop as well.

One other quick update.....Norbert added paypal capability to our website along with our credit card processing. So now there are both options when checking out.

I will be working hard this week to finish prAna's order, plus my mother in law is coming in late tonight from Estonia to stay with us for a month, so we are going to be having a busy week. We're super excited to see her though!! It's been a year now.....since we are so far away we try to visit one another at least once ever 12 to 18 months. The boys are excited to see their vanaema :)

I'm thinking that granola and yogurt is what's for dinner......bad I know, but I still have a whole house to clean! ;)

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CrowNology said...

I love the copper in the last two posts...So warm...Sunshine...
Gorgeous work!

Studio Speck said...

I adore your silver leafy looking earrings! They are so versatile, I'd wear them everyday! Beautiful work!

Cathi said...

Loving your jewelry - they are absolutely gorgeous! xxoo :)