Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Travels, a giveaway and a thank-you

As I mentioned in my last blogpost, my Estonian mother-in-law is visiting for the month so we are taking several mini trips to show her this gorgeous state. This last weekend we headed down to Salida to meet up with a friend at a beer festival.

Norbert's in red and our friend Rudy is in green

Since we were heading that way we decided to stay for a few days and drive around Leadville, Aspen, Vail and Silverthorne.

Between Leadville and Aspen is a gorgeous highway that takes you over Independence Pass which is above the treeline.....which basically means we are pretty freaking high ;) 12,095 ft. to be exact.
Some of my absolute favorite hikes have been in this area.

The road is on the side of a cliff for a good portion of it and it has incredible views.

I love mountains.
 I mean, REALLY love mountains.
That is one of the main reasons we moved out here. We live really close to the base of the Rockies and to get to all of these aforementioned areas takes only a couple of hours. That doesn't even include all of the gorgeous areas around the flatirons, which is half an hour away from where we live.

My oldest monkey playing in the water in Aspen.

We did conduct a bit of business while out here though, so it wasn't all pleasure :)
We just believe in mixing it up. Always!

Aspens on the way to Aspen ;)

I did want to mention two things before I head out to the farmer's market:
1. A big THANK-YOU to Irene from Bloesem for such a sweet mention to our shop.
 She definitely put smiles on our faces!
2. Also, Cassandra from Coco + Kelley is sponsoring a giveaway with $40 towards
any item in our shop. Head over here to enter!!

Oh! And also the newsletter was sent out this afternoon.
There's some good stuff in there ;)

Have a great evening!

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