Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lots of updates...

Hello :)
I've been gone awhile.........from here anyway.

I've been spending lots and lots of time in my studio, interlaced with visiting family that have been in and out of our house for just over a month. It's been a wonderful yet hectic time.

So much is happening on the business front, not least of which is the wonderful onslaught of shop and wholesale orders. I have had several more galleries come on board in the last month. Summer is supposed to be slow (knock on wood) so this means that Norbert and I are gearing up for a busy Christmas season since now!

Yesterday, I spent the entire day finishing up pieces, then photographing and editing them.
It also happened to be our anniversary so at the spur of the moment we decided to ditch the listings and head out and celebrate. What were we thinking anyway?? Ridiculous to ignore this important day!

So here I am, yet again, finishing up listings the following day.
Oh well. I have a good excuse ;)

To be honest, I've decided to stop sweating the small stuff.
As long as I know that I am working hard and moving forward then that's really all I can ask of myself.
I used to get upset about quite a lot until everything kind of came to a standstill back in February when I had my health scare. A lot of it was a result of stress. That was about the time I decided that it's up to me in how I view and react to my work (this applies to every area of my life, actually). It just made no sense to me that I would be so stressed and unhappy when I was doing exactly what I wanted to do in the world.

That's when the shift happened. And now I breathe deeper.....and appreciate so much more.
I don't want to stop what I am doing.
Owning our own business is not easy.
I knew it wouldn't be.....but it's incredibly, incredibly gratifying.
And I have continuous moments of excitement.

And now, I am thrilled to be so busy.

So here is some of my new work.
There are about 27 pieces in total.

And now it's time to list.
I'm going to try very hard to get it all done today....

Along with giving the boys a snack, talking on the 'phone' (block of wood :) with all of their friends and family, reading books, playing with tinkertoys and making dinner......

My fingers are crossed ;)


indigorhino said...

Is that necklace with the glorious golden topaz colored stone taken?

Everything is fantastic!!!!

Janet (Indigo Rhino Designs)

blue hour designs said...

Heya Janet!

Nope...not yet :)

AND thank you soo much!!

blue hour designs said...
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