Monday, August 30, 2010

Giveaway winner

The winner of my giveaway is................TRICIANA BURKE!!  Congratulations :)

A big thanks again to all of my wonderful followers and new arrivals!
We are incredibly appreciative of all of your support :)

We've also had the pleasure of adding two more locations that carry my jewelry this month. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts houses a 3000 sq ft retail space full of local and national artists work for sale. I am incredibly excited to join this prestigious group!!

I will also have my work displayed at the Ghost Gallery in Seattle. :)

They are located on Capitol Hill and display works from many artists around the U.S.
I am thrilled to add both the gallery and museum to our growing list of sales partners!!!

One other bit of news.....I am the featured sponsor for Purl Bee this month and along with that I am giving away 8 pairs of earrings to their readers. If you'd like to enter their drawing click here. You have until tomorrow to enter.

I've been otherwise just tucked in my studio working away and getting our boys ready for school
can you believe that summer vacation is already gone!!!??

We've also managed to get out of town for a few short trips that always helps invigorate us. We love to travel like I've mentioned a gazillion times ;) and visiting local areas is no exception. It's also getting easier and easier for us to travel now with the boys getting older. We definitely don't have to pack, anymore, like we're moving each time we leave the house for a night. ha!

Okay I'm off..................back to work :)
Have a great day!

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Earthly Reality said...

Thank you so much, I will post a picture on my blog of me in this beauty when it comes in the mail.