Thursday, August 12, 2010


Thank you, thank you to all of you who snatched up many of my new pieces!

The response has been WONDERFUL.

The ring above is the last one that I have and I put that puppy in my website shop and can be found here.
I really like to make cocktail rings and I keep telling myself to make more because they never, ever last long in my shops.

The 'company of circles' necklace above is a new version of my old design that I love a little bit more. I have had so many people ask me to bring that design back....
It's bib-like in its design, which for any of you who follow fashion know, is a popular trend. However, this one is very unique in that it is all sterling (most bib necklaces have many embellishments, textures and materials) and very streamlined.

This pair of earrings is a bit dark and edgy....which I like :)

I am often asked to create pendants out of my earring designs that I decided, this time around, to have the necklace already in my shop. I have a pendant of the same design as the earrings above.

A new cuff!
I've been playing with a new textured matte that I am incredibly fond's a bit of a cross between a sandblasted and brushed finish and you can kind of see it above.

So the earrings above and below, I have to say, are my favorites.
As much as I love the others......these two, I adore just a bit more.

So I'll be back within the next few days to give an announcement that I'm sure you will like :)
My newsletter recipients were already given the heads up in July.

Have a great day!
I'm off to work on a ginormous order for a gallery in Virginia.
(I've been practically living in my studio and will continue to for several more days ;)

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