Thursday, April 22, 2010

Looking, breathing, walking and eating!

These are some images I snapped on my walk with my youngest monkey yesterday.

It has been a little cool these last few days.....we've gotten some springtime rain. It's fabulous though because everything is turning an irridescent green overnight you can't tell here though! Don't you just love the smell of rain?? I think it's one of the most divine smells on earth. That, and fresh baked bread top the list!

After our morning of breathing mouthfuls of the fresh air we headed indoors for lunch with daddy.

My little monkey likes to eat absolutely everything! He's just like his momma ;)
He even loves spinach, asparagus, cabbage.....and as seen above: sushi!! We'll sometimes get pizza from Costco for the boys and sushi for us (okay I know this is not the real thing, but for store-bought sushi it's really not bad!) and he'll demand the sushi!! He wants nothing to do with the pizza. Very unlike my oldest. 

I'll see you tomorrow....I have a short announcement to make!

bye :) 


Cathi said...

What a lovely day in your world...and the baked bread sounds delicious! :)

blue hour designs said...

It was a nice day Cathi! Thank you :)