Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heading south.

After a wonderful weekend filled with multiple Easter egg hunts (and yummy food) and visiting with friends, we are hightailing it out of here :) Actually it's my little nephew's first birthday, so we are off to help celebrate (he is my sister's first child so this is rather important!) We are leaving tomorrow and we're heading back early I am not closing my shop down. I will place an announcement on my shop page that all orders placed between tomorrow and Sunday, will go out first thing Monday morning.

I am exhausted from a full, full day of running around like a headless momma ;) Here's the rundown:  I helped out at my son's school first thing, ran errands, completed orders, fed big and little people, packaged orders, picked up my boy from school, returned convos/calls, made a fabulous dinner, made a sh*tty cheesecake, did a mountain of dishes.......oh yeah, and packed for tomorrow (did I mention the good workout with my vacuuming arm?)! I did have to have a glass of wine while cooking though, because my two monkeys were driving me absolutely insane....that took care of it ;)

I'm looking forward to hanging out with my's been a busy couple of weeks, but I've been doing really well. I started running again and it has made such a big difference. Amazing what those endorphins can do for your head! Plus, my pulled nerve seems to be healing well....I've really been baby-ing that side AND I'm working hard at releasing all of that pent up anxiety/crap that I went through. Negative energy be-gone!!!! ;)

p.s. I have new pieces going up next week!

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