Sunday, June 17, 2012

Prague part I

I'm sitting in the hotel lobby in Budapest, hurriedly trying to get some images up in my blog, before we head out on the road to Vienna. 
It's been hard to accomplish this because we have spent nearly every waking moment out in Prague and Budapest.

Prague and Budapest:

Completely, utterly blows me away.

This is the first round of pictures that I will post on Prague, alone, much less Budapest.
I took between one and two thousand pictures in each location....I just could not get over the enormity and the vast amount of  views to look at.

I seriously did not do this city justice with my photographs.

This kind of grandeur and detail exists, everywhere.


I can not recommend visiting these cities, enough.....I have told Norbert over and over that we, even, have to come back.

There is soooo much more. I will try to post when possible.

I am on a total high with all of this beauty.
And Norbert says, 'there's even more to see in Vienna'!!

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