Friday, June 8, 2012

IMPORTANTE announcement

This is a purely informative post, but important to note:  My sister is due to have her baby next week and my parents will be driving down to New Mexico to be with her for two weeks so as a result our shop will not be shipping out any orders during that time.

This is the note that we have posted on both our online and etsy shops:

**IMPORTANT** If you've been eyeing something in our shop, please place your order on or before this Saturday, June 9th! ALL ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN JUNE 10th AND JUNE 28th WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL JUNE 28th due to us being away from our studio. Our shop will remain open during our absence with shipping being delayed.


Right now, we are sitting around the table with my cousin and her family, talking our heads off and having,, reconnecting.

I will do a blogpost as soon as possible to share this leg of our trip.
I think we will even be heading into Luxembourg this weekend since they live only about an hour away from there.

We're packing in as much as we can :) 


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