Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Germany....and a bit of France

My cousin and her family have lived in the southwest part of Germany for the last 5 years or so and prior to that they were in Colorado. I never saw them in Colorado, but had to travel half way around the world to hang out in Germany :) That's a bit of the joke, anyway.

Cousins from New Mexico connecting in Germany.

All around their home is countryside full of rolling hills and greeeen.
Green, green everywhere.
Trees. Grass. Hills  

On Saturday, they took us to the oldest city in Germany.
Trier was founded around 16 BC....the Porta Negra above is the Roman gate that led into the city.

Constantine Basilica - was originally the long throne hall of Roman Emperor Constantine.
(I did a little stealth photographing here)

The Palace of Trier....

...and with the Basilica overlooking in this shot.

mi familia!

Remains of the Roman baths

One of the 'sit in the sun and have a glass of beer or wine' spots.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting in that aforementioned spot drinking a glass of wine, and looking at this!

Around this time, we are roaming around looking for a place to sit and watch the Euro Cup. 
Germany v. Portugal
By now the streets have emptied and one guess as to why...

The following day they took us into France to view the Lorraine American Cemetery outside of Saint-Avold.
It is the largest American WWII cemetery in Europe with over 10,000 can only imagine the visual starkness of the cemetery. 
Rows and rows and rows along slopping hills of pristine white crosses.

It definitely stops you in your tracks.

Inside the chapel there is a massive map detailing the battles of WWII that I could have spent at least an hour  reading and pouring over. 
A great history lesson to view in person.

Saint-Avold stop before heading back to their home.

We spent a full day in Prague exploring, yesterday, and we will do the same today and tomorrow.
I can not wait to show you those.

Prague has seriously just completely blown me away.
Those pictures, soon....!

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