Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Workshop pics

I finally took them.
Even though I like clean, this is definitely cleaner than usual. When working there are materials all over the tables.

That means that I better get to work....

So I designed the layout with my husband and he built the whole darn thing. It's nice being married to a handyman....seriously :) I have a more detailed description of my workshop in my flickr page. I wrote little notes to explain each area.

I have to say that my parents (mainly mom) mourned the passing of their room into the space that is pictured above and below. My workspace used to be formally known as the 'guest room'.

One thing I mentioned in my flickr page, that I'll also say here, is that I always keep my stones out in front of me. I tried putting them away in a more organized manner awhile back....but I just couldn't keep them hidden. They are so beautiful that I hate having them out of view! Plus it helps to have all of them in front of me when I am deciding on what to work on next. You'd think I missed my calling as a lapidary artist, but no, setting them is the REAL fun part.

In other news my favorite band is coming here on the North American leg of their tour and when I say favorite this means that since I was 12 years old they have dominated by cassette deck/cd player/ipod. I am going to try very hard to go see them.....

.....until then I'll have to watch this to tide me over.

This is old school....but it still gives me shivers.

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