Monday, July 27, 2009

Visitors, music and wine

I am listening to Missy Higgins and drinking some cabernet....specifically this song. I wasn't kidding when I posted in my profile page that I love music. I really, constantly, have music playing. I used to always joke that a soundtrack would more appropriately detail my life instead of a written biography. I can hear different songs and I am instantly transported to a specific time in my life. Do music and art go hand in hand? It seems so at least for me this is the case. There are two routes that I thought I would take when I was young. One was as an artist...the other was as a musician. I played the clarinet for a good chunk of my youth. I really thought at 13 that I would play in orchestras as a profession.

Right now my parents and nephew are visiting from NM. My oldest monkey turns 4 in a few days so they wanted to make sure and come celebrate with us. Yesterday we all went to Estes Park for the day, which is only an hour's drive.

We walked around the town, had a picnic at the lake and then ate some ice cream at a local shop. It was a really nice day and the town is quite pretty.

In other news I finally ordered my signature stamp for all of my jewelry. I will include a picture of it as soon as it arrives. It has my intials and includes '.925'. We are also getting ready for my first fair for Labor Day weekend. There is SO much that we are doing to prepare....least of which is my need to increase my jewelry stores. Tomorrow I will be posting some new pieces, but I'll preview them here first.

Time for a movie and ice cream sundaes....

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