Friday, July 31, 2009


I am in the middle of listing a couple more pieces, posting in this blog, drinking coffee and playing scrabble :) This week, while my parents have been here, we have instated ritual coffee and scrabble afternoons. It works well while the boys are having their naptime. I have also been handwrapping beads and making necklaces during these sessions. I have been a multi-tasking fiend!

I need to start including items that are in the 'favorites' section of my shop. I am always coming across AMAZING items on Etsy....

Click on the images to go straight to each listing. I am especially enthralled with the last picture, because not only do I really like the shirt, but I also love the photography.

Below are the remaining pieces that I am in the middle of listing. I ran out of some sterling silver wire so I have two necklaces that will have to wait a few days to make it to my shop.

The necklace below is one that I just adore....for a couple of reasons. I love the freeform shape, the color and also the uniqueness of the amber. It has a milky white/yellow/brown coloring that I had yet to see in amber...until I traveled to eastern Europe that is. Even there, though, I see more of the 'cognac' colored amber in jewelry. I it!

I am going to finish listing the last two pieces and then it's dinnertime. My mom and dad are making green chile/chicken enchiladas and beans, while (another thing that I am doing right now!) I am making some Spanish rice.

Yum :)


Vanessa said...

Your jewelry is so elegant. The Feldspar and Blossoms necklace is gorgeous!

blue hour designs said...

Thank you very much Vanessa! :)