Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday...I started following a very cool blog recently because I loved the items she featured. I LOVE blogs on design! Well, she decided to include me in the 'shopping and treats' section of her site! That is such a HUGE compliment....I was on cloud nine the whole evening. Thank you so much Ennui!

I took a screenshot of her blog so it is hard to see my name fourth one down, but it's there :) Swing by her site when you have is lovely!

In other news, I have not yet mentioned here that I will be going on a huge trip in 9 days. My husband is Estonian and we will be visiting his family and friends there. For all of you who do not know where Estonia is, it is here:

My husband was born and raised in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We met in college and now we are probably the first in history to have created Mexican-American/Estonian children! hahaha...probably not, but I'm sure there are not very many in the world!!

So we will be flying into Denmark first and stay with one of my husband's very good friends and his family (All of my husband's family is there). After that we will drive (thanks for the borrowed car Indrek and Signe!!) into Germany, through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and then end up in Estonia. The drive should take just over a week and then we will be in Estonia for a week and a half. From Estonia we will fly back into Denmark and spend four days with our friends again to look around there more, as well as visit southern Sweden. Overall we will be gone for just under four weeks.

Here is our route:

One of the reasons we wanted to make the drive through these countries was not only because we wanted to visit (we love, LOVE to travel), but also to buy amber in the baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). They have the most AMAZING amber there. They come in the traditional amber color as well as a lighter yellow and also green.

So I will be buying stones while out there and I will introduce it into my shop when we get back at the beginning of next month. I will also be snapping a gazillion pictures for our personal albums as well as to sell. My shop will be closed during this duration, but I will be posting in my blog throughout my travels.

Here is an OLD picture of my husband and I in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia. This was six years ago...pre-children.

You'll hear this many times....I love Estonia. I am sooo excited to go back :)

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~ ennui ~ said...

Thank you for the mention and kind words!
Your trip sounds safe and have a wonderful time!