Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Pictures are a bit dark....but here they are. I made the blue/green Brazilian agate necklace for my mom and the Red River jasper is for my sister. They chose their own settings and then I made them matching earrings.

I thought I'd include a couple more pictures. I work on my laptop in two areas. One is downstairs in my workshop and the other is in our dining room. I tend to be in our dining area more because it is nice to have a change of scenery.

I am tucked away in the corner there....

Usually these windows are wide open and I can get the smells of the outdoors along with views of my plants and flowers. Coupling this with a cup of tea or coffee and playing, makes me a happy camper.
Goodnight ;)

p.s. Congratulations Bryce and Diana!


Lita said...

I absolutely love my necklace, you do such meticulous work.
Thank you so very much
Love you, Mom :)

blue hour designs said...

Thanks Mom...we miss you already!!