Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here are a few pics of the necklaces that I am making for my mom and sister. I thought I would share some images of the pieces, mid-process. Below is a pic of the bezel wall, which is made of fine silver and holds the stone in place. Underneath is the 'baseplate' of sterling silver. I first soldered the bezel together and then I soldered the bezel to the baseplate.

I am very meticulous with each fabrication stage. I have learned what works best for me in creating a finished piece of high quality.

The baseplate underneath will be cut away until it is flush with the bezel wall and then I will solder the bails (the piece that connects to the necklace) to the whole piece. There are a lot of other things in between that I do, such as filing, and lastly everything is buffed.

One day I will make some videos of my process and post. I am always curious to see how other silversmiths perhaps some of you are as well ;)

For now I am off to have some afternoon coffee (this is my favorite blend of coffee in the world - the Adobe Morning Blend to be specific) and then I will finish the necklaces and post pics of them when I am done.



~ ennui ~ said...

I can see that you take such care and really love what you do. Just took yet another look at your shop- lovely.
Hope you don't mind, but I added your shop to my "shopping & treats" list in my sidebar.
I'm a biggg fan!

blue hour designs said...

Oh my goodness....thank you so SO much!!!!!
You have no idea how much this means to me :)