Friday, May 15, 2009

Yard work

For a few weeks before I put my shop online I dedicated most of my time to finishing up some pieces and working on the website along with my husband. I am very, very pleased with the finished product. I did the designs and layout and he did all of the technical work and basically turned my ideas and pages into a website. I think we did well....considering it was our first time :)

Now I plan on spending some time (a couple of days at least) getting my yard up to snuff. We moved into this house about 7 months ago so this is the first time that we get to really work with the yard. I love a nice yard...and as much time as I spend in my downstairs workshop, it really is very nice to get outside, in the sun, and weed and prune.

I worked on this little section of my yard yesterday for 2 hours!! I struggled to remove a vine from my flower bed and it took f o r e v e r!! I'm still not done :} You can see some of that frustrating vine living in the rocks behind the patch of dirt to the left.

Meanwhile, my husband worked on this MASSIVE section outside of our fence that resembled a small jungle when we started on it. He accomplished quite a lot more than me, by the way. We don't want to keep weeding every day though, so we are putting some liner down so that hopefully it will be much lower maintenance than what it has been.

Well now I have to run downstairs to finish up a piece and then hopefully I'll be spending most of my day outside :)

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