Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Unexpected day

Last night I had a nice surprise. My husband found a site that featured my jewelry five days ago. The site is scoutiegirl.com and they showcase handmade items everyday. That is very cool...and so is the site. I am going to have to start visiting. :)

So today did not end up being the day I planned for. First of all, I couldn't get my gas tank for my torch open. I had been struggling with it because the the tank key did not fit very well on the tank, so opening and closing was a real pain. I think the previous owners stripped it a bit. Well that meant that we had to load the kids and run to the welding supply dealio and get a new tank. By the time we got back, it was lunchtime...which is always a long process because little mouths have to be fed and then wiped, a diaper changed, songs to be sung (the youngest), restroom visit (the oldest), and a book read, fills the tall order of getting my children tucked in for naptime. Then clean-up, because they are not exactly clean eaters! hahahaha

After that, it was a whirwind of chores, some materials needed to ordered, kids to be played with, dinner and yadayadayada.....until POOF, there went my day. And now I am here for a few minutes before I get to bed so that I can get down here in my studio nice and early to make up for my lack of progress today.

So basically I have had to learn that although a plan and a schedule is a great thing, I have to learn to go with the flow because the reality is that I have two ittybitties and that's just the way it is. I have to admit that giving up a lot of my personal freedom has been the hardest adjustment to motherhood....good thing I love my monkeys A LOT!

So okay, tomorrow is another day for another plan....let's hope for the best ;)


Lenita said...

I just found you on etsy - you're work is beautiful. I can very much relate to your lack of time and not being able to plan! I have a 1 and 4 year old and life does revolve around them. We have a sick household these past few days and everything has come to a standstill:) All plans are gone!!
Good luck with your etsy shop.

blue hour designs said...

Thank you very much! Funny how your personal schedule evolves into 'their' schedule over time :)
Thanks for stopping by!
- Alysia