Monday, May 18, 2009

Still knee deep in weeds...

There is hope though...I think we are over the halfway mark. I am pretty tired of it now. Our intent was to just get it done so that way we could enjoy it for the summer. I hate stopping and starting projects. It really prolongs it, in my opinion. This is why we are gung-ho "yard project," right now.

My hope, is that I will be back in my shop Thursday morning, with my torch and tools back to work!! I am really missing it. I have a gazilllion ideas running through my head and I am constantly writing them down on sheets of paper. They are scattered throughout my house. They pop in my head when I am falling asleep too, some of them make it on paper, while unfortunately some have vanished (I'm hoping they will reappear someday).

Right now though, I am taking a small break and lusting after a pair of shoes.

I love this site....lots of beautiful shoes at discounted prices.

I'll be back soon with jewelry updates including a look at some of the stones I have in stock right now. I have to get a pic to my mom and sister....I owe them b-day gifts :)

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Lauren said...

Cute shoes, I am glad to have found that site... and your shop as well, I just love that ring!!