Friday, March 15, 2013

an inspired state

Photographing all the details around me has become one of the most powerful forms of my creative expression.
The immediacy is very addicting. I carry my camera with me at all times so that I can bring it out and stop and focus on something at any moment to capture whatever it is that has caught my eye. 
And then I'm there in the moment. Everything else seems to fade to the background. 
This allows me to REALLY notice things.

It's also therapeutic. You see, even though on a near daily basis I create things, I still have this desire to always be in a sort of 'inspired state'. So if I'm not, in that exact moment, creating or designing, I still need to be existing in this place of inspiration. 
It's my lifeblood....and I'm a little greedy about it :) 

Music takes me there.

They take me there.

I often have my face tilted upwards staring at trees, noticing the textures, dimensions, contrasts with the surrounding environment, colors...and then an overall landscape.

I mean really stare at it. 

Details fascinate me, but even more so is the emotional response I get from visually taking in a scene. There is this undercurrent of emotions that underlies everything I see and do. As I am sitting here struggling to write what I am feeling, I realize that ultimately what I seek out in my life, every day, is to tap into those emotions. Tap into that place where creativity flows. Where inspiration lies.

 For every seemingly mundane moment, space, place, detail, eyes are open drawing it in. 

So, then I take out my camera and capture it.  

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Candace Morris said...

These are such lovely photos. Your desire to perpetuate the state of inspiration creates a place for me to come feel inspired (esp to pick up my camera again). Such a circle we can share in...

blue hour designs said...

Thank you....trully. :-)