Friday, March 1, 2013

winter white

It has been cold.
But, beautiful.

And white.
A complete blanket of white everywhere.



I took these pictures over a series of days this past week.
During a trip to the post office and my daily rounds to the boys' school, mainly.

I would prefer that it stay this way until the buds of spring begin to emerge.
Keep the brown, decayed landscape cloaked in white and then melt away to welcome the onset of warmer weather. 

Yep, that is my wish.
And an earlier onset of that warmer weather would be nice, too :)

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Irene said...

Beautiful pictures. It's really amazing what you pass by on your way to the postoffice :)
We're in the fog this morning in San Francisco, but the forecast says 72 for this afternoon!

Candace Morris said...

wow. gorgeous shots.

thanks for your comment tonight, it is so well-timed. so well-timed.

blue hour designs said...

Irene - Based on these pictures it looks like I live in the thick of a rural environment. One of the things I adore about Boulder county is the mix of urban and rural landscapes. On my way to the post office I see that gorgeous red barn, but on the other side of the street are rows and rows of homes :) It is a nice juxtaposition!

Candace - thank you! I didn't mention it in my comment, but I am still grappling with my work/mother balance. I can get so overwhelmed with feelings of failure when I don't feel like I give enough to your words have a personal impact. It does help to know you are not alone in your struggle, you know? :)