Wednesday, April 17, 2013

and on a snowy April day...




 As I'm sitting here, going through the gazillion images of my new designs and writing this post, I am looking out at the current blizzard of snow that is swirling outside my window.
So much for April showers.
Winter has decided to dig her claws back in.

These pieces are a mixture of new and revamped designs. I love to see the metamorphosis of my vision....the growth of my personal style. I especially love to alter an existing design and then fall that much more in love with it (that's a lot of love, huh ;)

Well, time to open a bottle of wine and start listing these's tradition.
They will be marching into our Etsy and website shops throughout the evening, night and probably tomorrow morning.

The listing party will now move over to our Facebook page.
See you there :)  

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Irene Moeller said...

Hi Alysia

I was just going through all the pictures in this post. I really love your designs - especially your work with textures. In this series of pictures I have fallen in love with the brass scoop earrings. They are wonderful.

I'm amazed at how many new designs you've launched this spring. Do you do this several times a year?

- Irene

blue hour designs said...

Thank you for stopping by here and leaving a comment, Irene! I try to add new designs during a shop update around every 2 - 3 months. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on how busy we are. I'm planning on adding new work in June and I'll always post it here first.

Thanks again!
Alysia :)