Friday, March 9, 2012

A week in pictures - Project 366

This week has been a little low key.
We've been spending a lot of time outdoors welcoming the abundant sunshine and warmth that is coming our way.

Spring has arrived.

One important piece of information before we move on to my pictures:
I have set up the monthly giveaway on Facebook.
Yep. It's going to happen each and every month.

This month we are giving away the Silver Saharas.

---And you can enter here!--

And now Pictures:


03/02/12 - Homemade pizza and movie night at my parents' house. We watched had been forever since I'd seen it. Absolutely one of my favorites.

03/03/12 - This is the day I realized that spring had arrived!

03/04/12 - ....and I am looking everywhere for the signs of its coming.

03/05/12 - Early morning in my studio. 5:30 a.m. to be exact, which is pretty freaking early for me, but I'm really determined to make this my normal schedule. So far, I've been keeping to it pretty well for the past week.... It helps that Norbert is always ready to go at that time.

03/06/12 - That day the temperature crept into the 70s. This meant that we had to celebrate by having lunch and beer, while soaking up the sun, at a local rooftop patio.

03/07/12 - Mom's homemade cookies. Do you know how fantastic it was to grow up with two parents who cook and bake? I am forever grateful for that....especially now that they live nearby and they continue to cook and bake for us :)

03/08/12 - Awwww. This picture is totally over-exposed, but I love it. My Dad is getting better. Finally :)

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