Friday, March 2, 2012

A week in pictures - Project 366

I am going to start a new way of sharing my daily 366 project with you. I got the idea from this inspirational photographer. I'll be posting my daily photos, every week or two, with a short description for each. Sound good?

So here's my last nine days in pictures:


 And words:

02/20/12 - Quick street capture, taken post-dinner and drinks with friends.

02/21/12 - A blue hour snapshot outside of my parents' home.

02/22/12 - I have this lantern suncatcher from Vintage Aimee up in the window of my studio. Pure sweetness...

02/23/12 - A trip to the king of all big box stores....

02/24/12 - My soldering station with a collection of tweezers, solder picks and flux brushes

02/25/12 - Warming up by the 'fire' in my son's kindergarten class that morning.

02/26/12 - Windblown selfie. We had a fun time hanging out at the Boulder Creek, feeding the ducks. It was super, super windy....I took several self-portraits and pretty much every single one had my hair whipping all over the place.

02/27/12 - Looking through the fireplace at the bookstore. Another place that we frequent...

02/28/12 - I took this blue hour photo in front of the post office. I am at the post office. a. lot.

02/29/12 - This is a snapshot of some new pegs I just got in the mail. I am always ecstatic to add new tools to my ever-growing collection.

03/01/12 - A quick capture on the way home from the morning school run. I am visually drawn to farmhouses and barns. I guess the lifestyle appeals to me. That is one twin in me speaking....the other one wants to live in Brooklyn :)

All these pictures, along with additional photos, can also be viewed on my Flickr page.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Donna said...

I'm on my second year of Project 365 - you'll love it!

blue hour designs said...

Thanks for stopping by Donna!

I'm surprised how much I already do love it....