Monday, March 19, 2012

mini update...

I've been a bit silent here, lately.

My daily photos are piling up in my computer...I haven't even had time to get them on flickr. I think there are about 10 days worth now, sitting and waiting to be uploaded.

But, here's the deal:
I'm working on getting a shop update up this week.
I can't say the exact day because I don't really even know.
Should be mid-week, but we'll see how it pans out......
Sometimes I get a wild hair in me with some last minute inspiration and feverishly create a few more designs that just won't let me wait till next time!

My daily pics will be coming soon, as well.

And, here's a peek and a listen to a band that I've been heavily listening to and inspired by.
I posted a live performance vid, from their FB, on my facebook page this past week, too.

You can preview and purchase the album here.

See you soon!


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