Monday, February 14, 2011

the Weekend

Over the weekend, we took a little trip to Steamboat Springs with three other families and stayed in a historically preserved house on Carpenter Ranch.

It was nice to check out of here for a bit.

Two of our friends, who work for The Nature Conservancy, set up our weekend getaway along with all of our families. It was relaxing and crazy all wrapped up in one, which made for an incredibly fun time.

I spent a good chunk of time taking pictures of the ranch and inside of the house.
That was my quiet time.

This was Norbert's:
(he also hid here when he needed time away from the NINE children playing...I think everyone had some kind of hiding spot!)

The layout was really funky and eccentric with a door that led nowhere and a window at level with the floor in our closet.
I liked that. It was different.
The gentleman who oversees the house called it 'cowboy architecture'.

The house is filled with antiques and is wonderfully preserved.
The walls are lined with pictures of the Carpenter and Dawson families that occupied the house a century ago. I loved looking over them.

We also spent an afternoon (after a mimosa brunch) at Saddleback Ranch going tubing.
 Loved it! 
We finished that up with hot chocolate and doritos at the cabin down the hill.
Healthy, I know.
Fun? Absolutely.

And of course, we also spent a great deal of time eating, socializing, drinking and kicking back because seriously,
that was the whole point. :)

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