Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shop Update...

...will be tomorrow!
I'm editing pictures now, so I'll start listing around mid-morning.

I know it has been quiet in these parts the past week.
Somehow the days just flew by.
They have been filled with:
A night out with the girls.
More work.
A BIG monkey.
And a couple of blah, low energy days.
That's my recap :)

February is almost to an end and I have to say that this is around the time of year where I get a massive itch for spring to come. I am pretty sure most people in the northern hemisphere (outside of Florida, maybe) probably feel the same way. Luckily, it is close! I really feel it.

See you all tomorrow....

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1 comment:

abby jane said...

i have had a very similar story lately. through with the blah. . . maybe i'm not quite ready for spring