Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm back....and it's practically the middle of November!
Time is flying people and it's going to be like that for us until post-holidays!

So here's the dealio:
I have a list of things to mention starting with our SALE that we are currently having at our Etsy and Web shops. Everything is currently 15% off so head on over and grab some Christmas gifts :)

Secondly, I added more amethyst stones to the 'amethyst burst' listings in both shops.

Stones to choose from on Etsy:

And on our Web shop:

Next up, I made and listed a reissue of the 'floral' earrings.
These ones are a little smaller than the original and I like them better that way!
Change is nice...

You can find them here and here.

We sent out our newsletter last week full of upcoming information and notifiying everyone of our sale.
I'll be back this weekend to share some of that extra info here....


I'm sitting at my computer writing this post and this song just come on:

It is overcast here and strangely very still and quiet.
This song suits me perfectly at this exact moment.

Happy Friday :)

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